What to expect when you arrive

What to expect when you arrive

Arrival Information

How to access the unit

Our Unit is a secure one so you will have to press the buzzer on the door and state who/which baby you are here to visit and the ward clerk will allow you access.

Who to talk to about your babies care

You will be informed and introduced (if necessary) to the nurse taking care of your baby/babies on a daily basis. You can speak to any member of the nursing team and or Consultants, junior Doctor’s or SHO’s (Senior House Officer). You will also be able to attend the ward round about your baby.

Who to talk to if you have any concerns

Again any member of staff can help to deal with your concerns. The Trust also has a PALS department (Patient Advisory Liaison Service) who can deal with complaints, concerns and compliments.

Talking to the medical team

Daily on the ward round or an appointment can be made.

Ward Rounds


Ward rounds are conducted every morning, usually starting around 9.30am; the length of the ward round will vary depending on the number of baby’s on the Unit and their levels of care. You will be asked to step outside during the ward round but are welcome to be present when the medical team assess and discuss your baby/babies.

Baby Rest Time

Unit has “quiet time” from 1pm-3pm daily.