What to expect when you arrive

What to expect when you arrive

How to access the unit

The main entrance to the Unit is signposted, a short walk from the Cedars Car Park. SNICU is part of the Maternity Unit.

Please press the buzzer, and a member of staff will answer and let you into the Unit. There is CCTV at every entrance and exit.

Who to talk to about your babies care

Talk to the nurse caring for your baby on that day. They will explain everything about the care and progress.

The nurse in charge and Unit Manager can offer additional advice

The Consultants and senior medical staff are on the Unit a lot of the time. They will meet with you after the Ward Round for an update.

Who to talk to if you have any concerns

To your nurse, the nurse in charge/Unit Manager or the medical staff.

Talking to the medical team

Will update you daily, or more often if your baby’s condition changes.

Consultant appointments twice a week.

Ward Rounds

Start between 09:00 and 09:30 every day.

Baby Rest Time

12:00 until 14:00 every day.