Ward Information

Ward Information

Parent Accommadation

3 bedrooms adjacent to Neonatal Unit

Further bedrooms in the bungalow on the Hospital site

Parent Facilities

  • Kitchen with basic cooking facilities
  • Bathrooms and shower room
  • Quiet Room
  • Waiting area with Children’s play room
  • Unit Garden

Mobile Phone Use

Phones should be on flight and in silent mode.

Calls should be made/taken in the hallway to avoid noise waking the babies.

Telephone and Computer Access

Pay phone in the Maternity Reception

WiFi available in the Restaurant and in the Jubilee Building

Breastfeeding facilities and support

  • Expressing Room adjacent to the Unit
  • Breast pumps available to express beside your baby.
  • Breast pumps available to hire
  • Milk kitchen for storing refrigerated and frozen milk
  • Breast feeding specialist nurses

Facilities for Siblings

Play room with TV and garden

Topps Day Nursery may have spaces available for siblings (chargeable)

Parent Support Groups

Meet on a Tuesday morning at 11:00 in the Waiting Room.

Coffee and Biscuits

Led by a neonatal nurse with sessions on weaning and baby massage