What to expect when you arrive

What to expect when you arrive

How to access the unit

Level 2.  Buzzer at entrance. Please state who you are the Baby's full name.

Who to talk to about your babies care

Allocated nurse caring for your baby

Dr caring for your baby

Your Baby’s Consultant

Who to talk to if you have any concerns

You can talk to anyone; we are all there to help. If you talk to the nurse who is caring for your baby on the day that you have concerns they will talk things through with you

Talking to the medical team

Best time is during the ward round but we recognise that at times you may not be here for those times so always ask the nurses and they will be able to ask the doctors to come and update you.

Please remember though that at times they can be quite busy as they cover clinics and other areas in the hospital and they do have to attend emergencies.

Ward Rounds


Ward rounds: Mon – Wed and Fri starts in intensive care room at 09.00hrs

Grand Round Thurs starts in intensive care room 09.30hrs

Baby Rest Time

Quiet time: 12 – 1.30pm and 3.30 – 5pm