Opening of the Poppy Room

Opening of the Poppy Room

At the beginning of this year, thanks to a generous donation from Trevor Goodall and his Charity New Life. We were able to decorate and furnish the Poppy Room.

The Poppy room is designed to resemble a welcoming, relaxing sitting room environment, The aim is to provide a comfortable space that can be used for parents to discuss the care of their baby in a private environment, The room is also used by the Maternity and Paediatric Support staff  to support the families through their journey on the unit.

The feed back from parents has been over whelmingly good, They do not feel like they are in a hospital at all, the room is quiet and away from all the sounds of the unit. Using the room has helped parents feel more at ease and able to ask questions or talk about things they were not able to at the cot side. The room is a valuable resource that allows parents emotional needs to be addressed in a private and appropriate setting.

The Poppy Room is complemented by our comfortable Parents Room where parents can relax with a cup of tea and watch television, this room was also funded by Trevor and New Life.

Gwh Poppy Room Photo One