Visiting Policy

Visiting Policy




10.00 hours to 20.00 hours


14.30 hours – 20.00 hours

Family and Friends

14.30 hours – 20.00 hours

No. of visitors

2 per cotside


No children other than siblings of babies on the unit

Hygiene and Infection Prevention

Visiting if you are unwell

It is important for parents and family to visit their babies but infection poses a great risk to a premature or sick baby. 

If you are a parent and feel unwell you must enquire from the nurse looking after your baby if it is safe for you to visit.

No other visitors can visit if they are unwell.

Infectious diseases - for example chickenpox, measles, mumps...
With these types of disease, a person can have the infection and infect others before they show any symptoms themselves. Therefore if parents (or other visitors) have come in contact with anyone who has an infectious disease, it is very important that you talk to your baby's doctor about the risks this poses to yourself and your baby.

The decision to allow visiting will depend upon individual circumstances.