What does the Network do?

What does the Network do?

The SWODN is commissioned by NHS England to coordinate patient pathways  across the South West to ensure access to all families and their babies to high quality neonatal care in a units able to provide the care they need as close as home as possible.

What are we tasked to do?

  • Ensure effective and seamless clinical flows through providers across the SW region for all babies and their families.
  • Develop and implement consistent neonatal clinical guidelines, service standards and policies.
  • Provide quality assurance and a enable a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Capacity plan current and future SW Neonatal services.
  • Facilitate system-wide collaboration across providers, commissioners and partnering agencies.
  • Ensure equality and equity for patient and families in the access to services across the SW.
  • Ensure consistent patient and family experience of services.
  • Activity and quality monitoring and reporting of all SW neonatal services.

What does success look like?

  • Better access to and from services at the right time
  • Improved operational consistency
  • Better outcomes for patients
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater collaboration between providers in a pathway
  • Robust governance arrangements

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